RBCI works with their clients to decide the best infrastructure for development and deployment of effective integration solutions. By utilizing software applications to collaborate within an organization, we enable our clients to reduce inefficiencies and costs, while improving time-to-market and customer service.

For faster time-to-market and quicker return-on-investment (ROI), we follow the evolutionary approach, where a small set of key partners and applications are initially brought together through the development of standardized re-usable components. This enables quick deployment of a working solution and faster integration of other applications.

RBCI helps their clients develop and refine their business goals and objectives, which leads to the development of a viable IT strategy. We continue to refine the strategy as our client’s business evolves in response to the changing market dynamics and competitive landscape. Our team has a unique blend of industry and technology experience focused on capitalization of short term tactical opportunities, while positioning the client for long-term growth. This process produces a set of deliverables that include actionable items, a recommended list of prioritized initiatives that the client should undertake, and the measurement matrix for these initiatives.

RBCI offers full life-cycle application development that includes understanding the business needs and defining the business, functional and technical requirements, analysis, design, programming, testing, implementation and ongoing enhancements and support. Our team has the expertise to develop large and small applications through the full life-cycle development process on a variety of platforms. We use proven object-oriented methodology to build flexible, scalable and easily maintainable systems. We can also adapt accordingly if our client has a different development standard.

We provide consulting services in the following key areas:

  • Software and Application Development
  • Systems Integration and Implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Data Conversion
  • Test and Evaluation (T&E)
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
  • Training and Documentation Support
  • Business Intelligence & Data Analysis
  • Help Desk and End-User Support